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“Goodbye Natalie-Goodbye Splendour”


this one is about Natalie Wood and the recent decision of the Police to re-open the investigation surrounding her November 29, 1981 death. She supposedly fell off of the Yacht and drowned. The boat was aptly named “Splendour” as Natalie starred in the film “Splendor in the Grass” with Warren Beatty early in her career.

Author Marti Rulli wrote the book entitled Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour in 2009. She co-authored the book with an old friend o f hers, Dennis Davern, the Captain of Splendour who was there on that fateful day. Dennis has not had an easy time living with himself since the day Natalie drowned. He has alternated between serious bouts of depression and severe alcoholism and drug abuse as the events of that day ate at him, 24 hours a day. He knew that the story told to the police was a sheer fabrication of the facts and that he went along with it out of loyalty to Robert Wagner, Natalie’s husband and fear that his meal ticket would be lost for good.

This Saturday, November 26th, author Marti Rulli was the featured guest on our blog talk radio show for a whole hour. Last night, Marti also appeared on 48 Hours Mystery as well. She and Dennis have been making the rounds these last few weeks and have been instrumental in getting the case re-opened and the investigation going again. Dennis has been trying to do this for a very long time to no avail. No one wanted to listen to him. Robert Wagner and his attorneys have been able to squash any efforts to re-investigate Natalie’s death for all these many years. Funny how money and power can do that.

The truth of the matter is Mr. Wagner was more worried about his “reputation” than he was about his poor wife’s drowning death, which Mr. Wagner could have prevented according to accounts by Mr. Davern, a witness to the events of that night off Catalina Island. He has passed a polygraph test when he told his story to the authorities most recently.

The fact that we had Marti Rulli on our show yesterday morning was quite a coup for us. She had been on my co-hosts show, Three Wise Girls a year ago and never forgot that she was invited to talk about her book by Debbie Barth, my co-host way before the mainstream media got involved. Now, she is the hottest ticket in town but she was still willing to spend an hour with us and with YOU answering questions. This is a call in show and it also has a chat-room feature.

I am reading Marti Rulli (and Dennis Davern’s) book as we speak. It is filled with eye opening information about the night Natalie Wood drowned. Christopher Walken was also on the boat that night and he was the reason that Natalie and Robert Wagner fought as Mr. Wagner became drunk and accusatory toward Natalie about what he felt was an affair between her and her recent costar in the movie “Brainstorm”

Natalie Wood was a child star and was in 56 films in her abbreviated life. She was beautiful and she was talented. She married Robert Wagner twice, the first time in 1957 and divorced in 1962. They remarried in 1972 and were married until her death in 1981. She was most famous for playing Maria in the movie “West Side Story” and for her role in “Miracle on 34th Street” a Christmas classic when she was just 8 years old. She made over 20 films as a child actress.

This death should NOT have happened! Natalie was only 43 years old and in the prime of her life. She was a good mother and her children adored her. Mr Wagner must answer for his negligence and culpability of that fateful day. No one is too big for the law. No one!

The web address is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthegrid. You can listen to the archive of the show. Marti Rulli was a wonderful guest!