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The Holidays – Tasers, Clark Griswold and keeping Fed-Ex humming


I love the holidays and Christmas is the star jewel in the crown if you are a Christian. But, what has happened to the spirit of the holiday? Yesterday as many of you know was “Black Friday” although to me it seems very anti-climactic since the stores have had the Christmas decorations up for eons and have been advertising “door busting sales” since Halloween ended for Pete’s sake.

I know that for many of you shopping the day after Thanksgiving is a family tradition and that you enjoy it immensely. I personally think you are much braver than I am to venture out into a mall or ANY store for that matter. Those shoppers looking for a $5.00 video game or DVD will SHOOT you for it! I am serious. There were several altercations throughout CT where I live.

Someone actually pepper sprayed people to get in the store ahead of them. What? Are you kidding me? EVEN if you are saving a good chunk of change, is doing something like that worth it? EVEN if the police don’t arrest your sorry azzz, you could live with yourself for pepper spraying people to save a lousy few dollars?

I guess I am old-fashioned. I would rather spend MORE on a quality item than brave that for an insane trek through a store that is stocking two or three of those cheap big screen televisions of some unknown brand to entice you in the store at some unholy hour. People camp OUTSIDE in tents for this. What? What?

Someone had to be tasered by the police in front of a child in a Walmart in CT. Customer Tasered in Milford Walmart The police had to taser him as he kept on punching people in front of a little boy, even after the cops arrived! I am just beyond words on this one.

So, the spirit of Christmas is just not seen very much these days. People are desperate and many are out of work. In order to buy a few things on their kid’s wish list, the stores (more of them than ever before) are enticing you to freeze in an overnight stay in their parking lot to fight over a few televisions or X-box games. I for one have NEVER shopped the day after Thanksgiving. It is imprinted in my DNA that I would never do that. It just seems too crazy for me. I am a mellow person like Clark Griswold in the movie Christmas Vacation. I love the lights and the family part most. I love to slowly choose gifts for my loved ones in a thoughtful and peaceful manner.

I do most of my shopping online anyway. It is easier for me as I am too busy to go to any store for much of anything this time of year except stocking stuffers. I know that many people enjoy the tactile feeling of touching what they are buying, but I figure I will touch it soon enough…after all it will arrive (before Christmas Guaranteed!) via that nice man from UPS or FEDEX and hey, they need to work too! LOL

I have been doing the majority of my shopping online for several years now. I find it convenient, cheaper (coupon codes are better than being trampled for a low price) and gives me peace of mind. Last year, I saved over 300.00 with coupon codes for not only percentages off the items, but FREE SHIPPING! These companies want your money and bend over backwards to accommodate the online shopper. They know we are their future as more brick and mortar stores face the reality of doing business in a world where people are busy and lazy.

I shop during the summer and early fall in the store itself to get ideas and to view the items I will be purchasing online as I want to see the colors etc. I take a photo with my cell camera and I have an instant list! I love shopping this way! Easy with low stress. The only thing that is vexing is when Amazon sends things in 10 separate boxes. They could save a bundle of trees if they would just learn how to pack! I know, some things come from different storage facilities etc. I’m just sayin…

So, if you braved the stores yesterday and lived to read this, I am happy for you! Not me. Now, in a few days it will be CYBER-MONDAY…watch out, cause here I come!

Photo is Clark’s house in NL Xmas Vacation Ho Ho Ho!