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Sara Kruzan – A gross miscarriage of justice!


If you were 11 years old and never had anyone in your life that you could truly count on, no one who could be there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to compliment you, what do you think would happen if that person suddenly came into your life? You would eat it up like a cat licks the cream from a saucer, now wouldn’t you.

That is what happened to Sara Kruzan. She had no one. Her mother had “issues” with drugs, her father was in and out of jail and not in her life. Along comes G.G. a 30+ year old man with money to burn and a tongue like silk. Compliments flowed, gifts were constantly bestowed upon this poor child with no one monitoring the fact that a grown man was “courting” this little girl.

Eventually, G.G became Sara’s pimp. He told her she should never give it away and that men should pay her for her body. He also sexually abused her repeatedly and physically abused her as well. She had no where to turn. So, one fateful day in 1994 when Sara was just 16 years old, she had had enough. She shot and killed G.G.

The fact that she shot this scum bag is not that surprising to me although I don’t condone murder. What is truly shocking to me is that Sara was tried as an adult by the court system and sentenced to Life Without the possibility of parole. No mitigating circumstances. No look at what CPA said about her being very amenable to treatment and the fact that they felt she should be tried as a juvenile. Nothing. Sara was a victim not once, but twice.

Everyone failed this girl. Over and over again. Now she sits in prison still, at the age of 33. Her sentence was commuted to 25 years to life by the previous Governor of California (Arnie the Terminator dude) but to me that is still not enough! This girl should be released today, right now, with time served! She has spent half of her entire life behind bars just because she was looking for someone, anyone to love her.

She does have a wonderful Auntie who tried. But, Anne lived several hours away from Sara and did not know what was going on before it was too late. Won’t you please help this girl? There are two movements going on right now to help her. First, there is a petition to Governor Brown through and there is a photo petition to Governor Brown as well and the address for that is
Age 15
Please help this girl! She deserves better and she has spent enough time behind bars for this crime! Thanks for your support!!