Get your hand out of the Reese’s PB cups!


Photo courtesy of YP Mazzulo, writer extraordinare!

Halloween is almost here. On Monday, millions upon millions of tiny little candy bars will be bestowed upon the lucky children who demand them as they Trick or Treat through the neighborhoods, attend parties throughout this weekend and in general yuck it up and have a great time. Adults will likely be attending lots of parties this weekend too although they will be long past bobbing for apples.

There will be drinks a’plenty, colored with red food coloring to mimic a vampire’s feast and spider webs and cob webs become fashionable as a decoration instead of making us gasp and grab a broom to get them down when we see them in a corner in our hallway!

Now back to those “tiny little candy bars” that I spoke of. I did some research and the average person consumes about 1/3 of a pound of those babies at Halloween time. Since 10 of those little Reese’s that are individually wrapped and popped into the mouth like kernels of popcorn contain 13PP it would be unwise to mindlessly begin to eat handfuls of these things as you wait for the children to ring your doorbell.

Since most of us do not “plan” to eat candy bars by pre-tracking, (my friend Poppy excluded here cause Mare will plan her little truffle indulgence in advance and it always amazes me that she can do this so successfully) we will have to add these confections to our tracker “after the fact” as we did not mean to pop several of them into our mouths. When you see the points you have consumed for empty calories, it might freak you out a bit so be forewarned. CANDY IS VERY POINTY!

Let’s talk about the adult habit of drinking cauldrons of alcohol at Halloween parties this weekend. It is is one of those holidays where people tend to overdo the alcohol as well as the sweets. Another “pointy” risk. Hardly anyone thinks they will have more than one “planned” drink when they are following WW. They will track in advance and allow for one or two tasty pumpkin martinis and feel they have it under control…umm, sure you do! LOL

Alcohol is one of those things that “just happens” often times. You are having fun and before you know it that one tracked drink gives you just enough of a glow to say yes to a second or a third or even a fourth (of course I know you are not driving if you are drinking, right?) and before you know it, points a ‘ plenty have been imbibed in the form of liquid fat. But, it gets worse. Alcohol lowers your willpower quotient by 100 fold.

You know darn well that when you drink, salty, fatty, doughy things seem very important to you at the moment. You may find yourself next to the platter of hot wings with a glistening chin, not realizing how many you have consumed. You will just see a pile of chicken bones in your plate and think “Did I eat all that?” If you were dipping them in the full fat blue cheese dressing, holy cow, now you have gone and done it!

No matter what your weekend plans are for Halloween weekend, please just make sure you do it safely and sanely. It is so much easier to pre-plan a couple of mini chocolate bars than to try to dig the empty wrappers out of the trash for accountability. And, do not fall into the trap of thinking that since you found yourself consuming dozens of the little critters that you do not need to track them all! YOU DO!

So, enjoy your Halloween my friends. Do not make it a weekend of “regret” in terms of your program. Since I feel that Halloween officially kicks off the Holiday season, it is a long few months so don’t start it off by going hog wild and having to dig out from under a weight gain when you were doing so well! I know you will all eat mindfully this Halloween cause you all rock!

This morning our radio show is all about our experiences with the paranormal. I have a story about my grandparents and it REALLY HAPPENED! You won’t want to miss it. Tune in at 10:00am EST to

Lots of spooky happenings today. You have been so supportive of my endeavor with this. I love you all for tuning in! THANK YOU!


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