Potent Weapons -This is war!


I was thinking about war the other day and how we have been fighting one of those somewhere for most of my entire life. Korea had just ended when I was born in 1955. Shortly after that our involvement in the “Vietnam Conflict” as it was known for a while began and raged through many of my early years. That was a particularly long and sad time in my life as I lost friends to that war.

All was quiet for a while with a skirmish here and there like the “Falkland Islands” etc. The USA was concentrating its efforts in the war on drugs which they have still not made a dent in. Since then, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and several other smaller “missions” like Bosnia have ensued.

Why would I write about war on a WW blog? Because that is what I liken my battle of the bulge to. Since I am a pacifist by nature I do not believe in war although our country has to do what it has to do. And, I honor our men and women in uniform that put themselves in harm’s way so that I could write about how I feel without fear that I will be arrested.

My nature is such that I would rather be laid back and that peace be the order of the day whenever humanly possible. I am an old “hippie” from back in the day and I still carry the sensibilities of that time with me inside of my soul.

I feel the most potent weapon that anyone can use in any war is between our ears. It is our mind! The game of chess was actually invented by a King many years ago because he hated wars and wanted a more peaceful solution to the land disputes that came about during the early days of countries being established in Europe.

I have been trying too hard to blow up my enemy, fat, in my fight to lose this weight for so many years. Fat does not respond to an all out attack. It will be driven back initially and retreat for a while. I will win a battle or two. Then it will sneak back up on you and before you know it, it is once again winning the war. You can’t rest in this fight. If you do, you will always lose ground to the enemy. This is what I have discovered over the years.

My most potent weapon in this battle is my MIND, not the many diets and programs I have tried over the years. They blow up in my face more times than not and I am back to square one and must begin anew. The enemy sends MORE pounds to slow me down too.

This time I am fighting this war of mine in a much smarter manner. A great general many years ago figured out the formula of how to win a war against fat every single time. You eat less and better food AND you move your body more. That is it. That is all I need to win every battle and in the end, the war itself.

This weekend, there was a sneak attack by the other side that proved formidable. It came in the form of a “french-fry bomb” and then the big guns – “a cheesecake bomb!!” I was ready though. I let the enemy in and entertained a few of the french fry troops and a good sized forkful of the cheesecake bomb found its way inside my bunker. But, I drove them back with sheer force and determination. I used my BRAIN which told me that a small taste was enough and that I should STOP and re-group. So, I did.

General “Common Sense” was there for this soldier. I owe her. She served the troops well and I will honor her by obeying her commands as I know that in the end, she knows how to conquer the enemy. She is my WW program and she is the best General I have ever served under in any war I have waged against this enemy.

Sometimes I may lose a battle here and there. But, in the end, I will WIN THE WAR! You can count on that. I will not be a statistic. I will come home and receive my lifetime medal of honor in the form of good health and fitness and I will look awesome in my uniform too! ☺

Join me and you too can win. It is a proven fact that there is strength in numbers!!


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