One pound at a time.


Sept. 7, 2011

I have now lost 47.5 pounds since I joined WW on Tuesday, January 18th. I am averaging a little over 1.4 pounds a week as I have been at this now for 33 weeks. Did you hear me? Is this thing on? Bueller? Anyone? I have been ON A PROGRAM for 33 weeks, without missing one single day of tracking!

I could count the times on ONE HAND that I did not get in all of those GHG’s which I believe are the key to success. Those power foods are also very important. When I see a little green triangle next to my food choices, I know I am having a good day. I try to make choices from the list whenever possible. At the very least, those Good Health Guidelines are checked off each and every day. I drink milk, eat string cheese and other cheese and eat the occasional yogurt to get that dairy. Although I am over 50, I do not use 3 of them but I make sure to get two. I take Vitamin D with calcium supplements twice a day per my doctor so I don’t need the extra dairy she said. But, I get all of the rest in.

The two spoons of oil generally are in my homemade salad dressing as I eat a big salad every night with my meal whenever possible. I always love veggies so that is an easy one! I eat two to three servings of fruit a day. No more, no less as I find when I eat too much, my weight loss stalls. I also have upped my fiber quite a bit and eat very few if any processed foods. My bread is multigrain, my rice is brown, my pasta a high fiber choice or whole wheat. My protein, which I eat daily in at least two if not all three meals is lean only!

I exercise every single day of the week without fail I do NOT earn a lot of AP’s. Last week was a great week for me and I earned 28 of them. I usually earn anywhere from 15-20 and that is up from 10-12 I was earning in the beginning.

Am I losing fast? NO. I am losing the slowest I ever have on any program. From all that I have read and that is considerable as I am the type that researches everything ad nauseum, the slower I do this, the more likely I am to keep it off for good. I lost quickly many other times and always gained it back and then some. So, FOR ME, slow and steady is the way to go. In 33 weeks I have had two maintains and one small gain and the rest have all been losses, mostly one pound a week, some weeks 1.5 and a few weeks more. A couple of times I had only lost half a pound too.

As I approach my 50 pound milestone (FIFTY!!!!!) I am very excited. That is a huge amount of weight and I feel very proud of myself. I made a small promise to myself that I would be 50 pounds lighter by our wedding anniversary which is October 6th! That gives me almost a month to lose 2.5 lbs and I have made all of my goals so far. I am also hoping for my 75 lb star by my one year anniversary which is January 18th. By next July 4th, I want to see goal. If it takes me two years, I will be here. If it takes me five years, I will still be here. I just know I have not felt this good in years!

Since I generally average about a pound a week (as some larger weeks make it 1.4) I know that I will be at my goal unless I stall out. I will not let that happen! I will shake it up, exercise more, or do something until the scale moves again. I have been blessed to lose every one of my 33 weeks OP except for 3 times.

What I have discovered is that it does not matter how fast I lose. All that matters is that I do. My impatience to see goal is gone. I have decided to enjoy the journey along with the success. I have stopped trying to push myself. I just want to eat the way I will eat FOREVER and by doing that, retrain my palate and my appetite. That is happening already as when I eat rich food, I do not feel well afterward. I do not like the feeling of being overly full anymore. My appetite control button has improved tremendously! I thought I had broken it for good. It can be repaired!

Thank you WW community for being there for me and for listening to all of my thoughts and commenting and sending me tokens to cheer me on or cheer me up!


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